Since September 2003 SIA CED has been a part of the Norvik Group.  The company is being operated from Cesis in Latvia and is well known in the Latvian timber industry.  It is operated as BYKO-LAT´s subsidiary and the main function is sawing, seasoning of wood and all other related processing.

In cooperation with parent company SIA CED has more specialized in production of finished products for gardens.  Also various kinds of pressure-treated timber, fences, wall panels, outdoor furniture and components, as well as sawdust wood pallets and briquettes.  There are 255 permanent employees working in the SIA CED Plant.  

Since acquisition SIA CED has put main emphasis on restructing of the companies operations, management and internal systems.  As a result SIA CED has nearly doubled the turn over of the company.  Mainly increasing sales and production volumes on garden and fencing products.



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