Norvik runs Latvia´s largest sawmill, VIKA WOOD, which was established in 1995 and has developed into the largest sawmill in Latvia with current output capacities of 280.000 cbm of sawn spruce and pine.
Norvik has been in the Latvian timber industry since 1993 and currently employs some 800 people in it´s timber operations throughtout Latvia.
Norvik is owned by the Icelandic businessman Jon Helgi Gudmundsson and his family. He set up BYKO-LAT in 1993 and later SIA CED and was also involved in the development of the new Riga based DEPO DIY chain. He is a majority owner in Latvia´s 8th largest bank, Norvik Banka, through his investment company Straumborg.
Andris Krecers